Iconic Acting Duo Back in Action After Two Decades

It's been two decades since they last shared the screen, but this beloved duo is back in action and brimming with . With a strong commitment to family-oriented filmmaking, their off-screen partnership has been an enduring one since 1988, including raising two children together.

Michael J. Weithorn, the project's architect, views this as a significant milestone for them. The film is currently in production under the banner of Fibonacci Films. Alongside the pair, the ensemble cast also includes Brittany O'Grady and Oscar nominee Judd Hirsch.

The Roles

In the film, Kevin dons the uniform of a security guard, while Kyra slips into the role of a successful urologist. Their roles lead to a new friendship that profoundly impacts their lives. This marks their first on-screen since 2004, when they appeared in ‘Cavedweller' and ‘The Woodsman'.

The 's Chair

The pair's extensive creative collaboration doesn't stop there. They've taken turns directing each other in various projects, including ‘Loverboy' and ‘Space Oddity'. Kyra describes directing Kevin as an effortless process, thanks to his impressive acting skills.

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A Family Affair

The duo doesn't shy away from involving their family in their creative endeavors, despite the scrutiny over nepotism. According to them, their individual talents coupled with their collaborative spirit get the spotlight in this dynamic. This approach not only underlines their undeniable on-screen chemistry but also their unwavering commitment to family-centric filmmaking.

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