Discover the Shocking Truth Behind Kim Kardashian’s Daughter’s Birthday Bash

Discover The Shocking Truth Behind Kim Kardashian's Daughter's Birthday Bash

Chicago, Kim Kardashian’s offspring, marked her 6th birthday in style with a Bratz-themed party, dressed in a pale-pink fur and white ensemble paired with bright pink cowboy boots. Chicago’s party outfit echoed her dress from the 2023 Kardashian Christmas party, making it a signature look. Fans couldn’t help but notice her resemblance to her mother, … Read more

North West, More Than Just Kim Kardashian’s Daughter: Discover Her Incredible Talents!

North West More Than Just Kim Kardashian's Daughter: Discover Her Incredible Talents!

North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian, has a knack for special effects makeup, a talent that her mother proudly showcased on TikTok. This isn’t North’s first foray into the realm of makeup; the young girl has previously demonstrated her interest in cosmetics. North’s passion for makeup seems to match that of her mother, who often … Read more

Discover the Kardashian-Jenner’s Christmas They Don’t Want You to See!

Discover The Kardashian Jenner's Christmas They Don't Want You To See!

Renowned for their over-the-top holiday celebrations, the Kardashian-Jenners once again showcased their festive extravaganza, this time with a fun lip-sync session. Kylie Jenner’s Festive Instagram Update A recent video on Instagram, shared by Kylie Jenner, stirred up attention. The clip features Kris Jenner and her daughters lip-syncing enthusiastically to Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’. Each … Read more

“Billionaire Alert! Kim Kardashian’s Newest Venture.”

In 2022, Kim Kardashian embarked on a fresh venture, starting a private equity firm, SKKY Partners. This joins her growing list of successful business ventures, and adds a thrifty twist to her entrepreneurial repertoire. Kim co-founded SKKY Partners with Jay Sammons, an investor known for his successful start-ups. Their initial investment has been directed towards … Read more