North West, More Than Just Kim Kardashian’s Daughter: Discover Her Incredible Talents!

North West, of , has a knack for special effects makeup, a talent that her mother proudly showcased on TikTok. This isn't North's first foray into the realm of makeup; the young girl has previously demonstrated her interest in cosmetics.

North's passion for makeup seems to match that of her mother, who often shares the makeup process with her on the popular platform. The interactions between the mother-daughter duo during these makeup sessions not only highlight North's growing skills but also her enthusiasm for the art.

Artistic Ambitions

Just like her interest in cosmetics, North's for art has been well documented. The young Kardashian has spoken about her affinity for art in an interview with i-D magazine. She has grand plans to sell her artwork in the future, a goal that speaks volumes about her artistic aspirations. Not one to shy away from hard work, North plans to save money for art supplies with a unique job at the age of 13. She hopes to earn her own money by taking up dog walking.

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Future Goals

  • Her interest in the arts doesn't stop at makeup and painting. North has also expressed her desire to explore other creative fields such as rapping.
  • Her ambitions aren't confined to the arts, though. North has a keen interest in sports, and has indicated a desire to become a professional basketball player.
  • Her long-term goals include taking over her mother's successful businesses, Yeezy and SKIMS. She has her sights set firmly on these brands, hinting at a potential future as a business mogul.

With her array of interests and goals, North West is an example of a multi-faceted young individual with big dreams and the determination to achieve them.

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