Discover the Fashionable Side of Bill Gates’ Daughter

Phoebe Gates, the 21-year-old progeny of Bill and Melinda Gates, made an appearance at the premiere of FX's Feud: Capote vs. The Swans adding a dash of her unique style to the event that took place at the Museum of Modern Art and Plaza Hotel.

Not only did she turn heads at the event, but she also wowed her followers. A snapshot from the evening shared on her account garnered praises and admiration from her followers, further establishing her as a -forward individual.

The evening became more star-studded as the leading ladies of the series, including Naomi Watts, Diane Lane, and , found themselves under the spotlight at the event.

Aside from her studies and active social life, Phoebe has been nurturing her interest in fashion. In a venture that combined her for fashion with her passion for women's rights, she partnered with British designer Stella McCartney and her roommate Sophia Kianni. The trio created a limited edition bag collection, a project designed to honor the Women's Tennis Association in conjunction with their digital platform, Phia.

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Moreover, Phoebe's is not limited to fashion projects. A champion for women's rights, she has used her voice and platform to shed light on political issues related to women. She has contributed articles for Vogue and Teen Vogue, discussing important topics like reproductive rights, particularly since the contentious overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022.

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