Sparkling under the spotlight, Vito Coppola and Ellie Leach grasped the Glitterball Trophy last month, stirring up more than just victory applause.

The spotlight had barely dimmed when whispers of an off-stage between the duo began to circulate. Their undeniable chemistry fueling the speculation, with Vito inadvertently fanning the flames. He posted a somewhat mystic, dimly lit photograph of the pair, which he referred to as symbolic of their shared journey.

A New Dance Partner?

However, Vito isn't the only companion Ellie has been paired with off the stage. Bobby Brazier, another co-star from the show, has reportedly been growing closer to Ellie during the tour. This news isn't entirely surprising, as a shared photograph featured Bobby with his arm casually wrapped around the back of Ellie's chair. Speculations were instigated about so-called secret dates between the pair.


Strictly A Love Tour?

Strictly isn't just a platform for showcasing skills. It appears to also serve as a matchmaking arena. Past tours have seen couples like Molly Rainford and Tyler West, and Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez, find love amid the sequins and cha-cha steps.

Gemma and Gorka, in particular, reveal that their began during the tour. It wasn't just the dance routines they shared, but also other activities such as training sessions and casual brunch outings. Their love story testifies that the Strictly tour is potentially as much about finding love as it is about dancing.

As we eagerly await the official confirmation of these , one thing is clear, the Strictly Tour does more than just entertain us; it stirs up fascinating stories of dance-floor romances that keep us hooked.

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