You Won’t Believe What ‘Black Joy’ Means for Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo, at the helm of the Diana Award, opens up about ‘Black Joy', emphasizing the significance of deriving pleasure from life.

This dynamic woman perceives joy as a beacon of optimism and a commitment to a brighter future, notwithstanding the adversities of the present. She finds delight in minor triumphs and the ability to instigate a positive shift in other people's lives.

Recognising the pain and affliction endured by people of color, Ojo refers to recent episodes of racially-induced violence. She shares a poignant memory of personal trauma from witnessing such a brutal incident.

She finds in her offspring and her role as a mother. This life-changing experience has propelled her to fulfill Princess Diana's vision with the Diana Award.

Inspiration and Purpose

Her inspiration is derived from influential women like Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Brenda Edwards, and Michelle Obama. These women are renowned for their tenacity and genuineness. Ojo's efforts are fueled by the aspiration to inspire optimism that the present circumstances are not a determinant of future possibilities.


Her mission is implemented through the Diana Award and Tessy's Brunches, a platform for networking and mentoring. Tessy's Brunches is an initiative aimed at enabling women to feel acknowledged, interconnected, and equipped to surmount obstacles on their path to success.

Empowering Women

Ojo emphasizes that a woman's worth is independent of societal perceptions or treatment. She advocates for women not to suppress their brilliance for the ease of others and utilizes her Brunches events as a medium to promote this ideology.

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