From Fund Manager to Personal Trainer: Charlotte’s Shocking Career Switch at 45!

Imagine shifting gears and starting a new at 45, from a community fund manager to a personal trainer. That's just what Charlotte Carter did. Now thriving as a personal trainer, she's established herself as the founder and CEO of the High Activator® platform. Charlotte's journey to self-discovery and joy began with her involvement in an all-women running club in her hometown.

Charlotte recounts her experience as an eye-opener, which made her realize how she had lost touch with her identity and happiness. It sparked an internal shift, prompting her to place her well-being at the forefront. The result? A renewed sense of life, brimming with joy and gratification.

Ready to equip herself for this new path, Charlotte underwent training to become a transformational life coach, NLP practitioner, and clinical hypnotherapist. She successfully launched her clinic on 13th Oct 2019. And talk about hitting the ground running – she was fully booked within just three weeks of opening.

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What struck people about Charlotte was her whole-hearted commitment to helping others. Her friends and were solidly behind her decision to change her career, recognizing her passion for this new endeavor. Charlotte's focus is clear: she's dedicated to helping individuals who feel like they're ticking the boxes of life, but have neglected their own needs.

Charlotte's approach is about guiding people to uncover their own definition of happiness, without relying on external validation. She encourages her clients to explore what truly brings them joy, and prioritize these activities in their lives. The goal? To find inner peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

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