Uncover the Shocking Details from the Retaility x good.clean.goop Mother’s Day Brunch

Rumer Willis, known for her acting and lineage, recently attended the Retaility x good.clean.goop Mother's Day brunch in Los Angeles.

Among other high-profile attendees were Abigail Spencer, Amanda Kloots and Alliance of Moms founder, Kelly McKee Zajfen. Notably, the event took place at the home of Deepika Chopra and was adorned with florals from Spencer's County Line Florals and an array of products from good.clean.goop.

About Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis, daughter of the now-retired actor, , welcomed her own daughter, Louella, in the year 2023. Her partner, Derek Richard Thomas, is a musician by profession. Known for her strong family values, Willis has openly shared her aspiration of having a large family, hinting at possibly five or six .

The year 2023 was also a significant one for her father, Bruce Willis, who had to retire from acting following a of dementia.

Alliance of Moms

The Alliance of Moms is a renowned organization co-founded by Kelly McKee Zajfen. It garners support from numerous celebrities, including Abigail Spencer and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. The organization mainly focuses on assisting pregnant and teens who are in foster care.

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In fact, both Spencer and Meghan have previously shown support for the organization. They were captured in photographs with Zajfen earlier in April, annunciating their endorsement for the cause.

Highlights of the Event

The brunch event was not short of glamour and style. Abigail Spencer was spotted wearing a cropped breton top paired with jeans. The chic event was hosted at the residence of Deepika Chopra – adding an extra touch of class to the occasion.

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