You Won’t Believe What ‘Black Joy’ Means for Tessy Ojo

You Won't Believe What 'black Joy' Means For Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo, at the helm of the Diana Award, opens up about ‘Black Joy’, emphasizing the significance of deriving pleasure from life. This dynamic woman perceives joy as a beacon of optimism and a commitment to a brighter future, notwithstanding the adversities of the present. She finds delight in minor triumphs and the ability to … Read more

Unlock the Swiss Wonders: A Carbon-Conscious Journey

Unlock The Swiss Wonders: A Carbon Conscious Journey

Join us on a carbon-conscious journey through Switzerland, powered by the nation’s efficient public transport network. This engaging family trip explores the country’s picturesque landscapes and must-see attractions, all while minimizing environmental impact. Setting off from London, the adventure begins with a brisk 95-minute flight to Geneva. Reaching this city marks the start of an … Read more

From Fund Manager to Personal Trainer: Charlotte’s Shocking Career Switch at 45!

From Fund Manager To Personal Trainer: Charlotte's Shocking Career Switch At 45!

Imagine shifting gears and starting a new career at 45, from a community fund manager to a personal trainer. That’s just what Charlotte Carter did. Now thriving as a personal trainer, she’s established herself as the founder and CEO of the High Performance Activator┬« platform. Charlotte’s journey to self-discovery and joy began with her involvement … Read more