Unlock the Swiss Wonders: A Carbon-Conscious Journey

Join us on a carbon-conscious journey through Switzerland, powered by the nation's efficient public transport network. This engaging trip explores the country's picturesque landscapes and must-see attractions, all while minimizing environmental impact.

Setting off from London, the adventure begins with a brisk 95-minute flight to Geneva. Reaching this city marks the start of an eco-friendly exploration predominantly using Swiss trains. Highly reliable, these trains are not only child-friendly but also offer captivating views of the Swiss landscape.

Swiss Travel Made Easy

For families planning several trips across the country, the Swiss Pass offers numerous benefits. Aside from granting free travel for , it adds the perks of discounted museum entry fees and cable car rides. For maximum comfort and space, particularly on longer journeys, first-class tickets are the way to go. With the SBB app handy for simple booking and train journey navigation, family travel in Switzerland couldn't be easier.

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The Itinerary

The trip covers some of Switzerland's most iconic locations, starting from Lake Geneva and then moving to Lauterbrunnen Valley, Zermatt, and eventually back to Geneva. The first stop is Bern, where families can enjoy a comfortable stay at Hotel Bristol and explore the local attractions in the old town area.

Lauterbrunnen Valley and Beyond

Next on the list is Wengen in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The Chalet Rose Penthouse offers a cozy retreat in this picturesque town. Immersed in Swiss , visitors can hike around the town, visit traditional farms, and ride a cable car to Mannlichen for breathtaking views.

Zermatt: The Final Stop

The last leg of the journey takes you to the infamous ski resort, Zermatt. Although the journey to Zermatt requires five different trains, the treat that awaits on arrival is worth the effort.

This Swiss adventure provides families with an exceptional and green way to discover Switzerland. The efficient use of public transportation not only minimizes the carbon footprint but also allows for an authentic Swiss experience.

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