How This Celebrity Quit His Job to Save Stray Dogs

As a former chef and successful media entrepreneur, Niall Harbison now spends his time feeding and caring for stray dogs in Thailand. His inspiring journey has led him to write a book to raise of this noble cause.

Niall Harbison’s commitment to stray dogs

Every day, Harbison and his team of dedicated volunteers feed around 800 dogs on the island of Koh Samui. His commitment to these animals began modestly, with him feeding a few stray dogs that he encountered on the street. This endeavor soon grew to feeding 80 dogs daily, and now, he provides sustenance to an impressive 800 dogs each day.

But Harbison's efforts go beyond just feeding. Each month, he and his team sterilize approximately 200 dogs. This proactive approach helps control the stray dog population and ensures that these animals lead healthier lives.

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Harbison’s personal connection with the dogs

Harbison's connection with these animals runs deep. With 18 dogs living with him, he is constantly surrounded by pets awaiting new homes. But two dogs in particular, Tina and Snoop, had a profound impact on him. Despite their recent passing, their memory continues to spur Harbison's efforts. In Tina's honor, Harbison plans to build a dog hospital to further contribute to the welfare of stray dogs.

Raising awareness through the book, Hope

The heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of these dogs have been chronicled in Harbison's book, Hope. The book serves not just as a means to share the tales of these animals, but also to raise awareness. The funds raised from the sale of the book are intended for the construction of Tina's dog hospital.

In the end, Harbison finds fulfillment in this noble cause and wants to share that feeling with dog lovers around the world. With Hope, he aims to spread the message of compassion and care for our furry .

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