Blake Lively Sparks Outrage with Controversial Princess Kate Post!

In a recent development, Blake Lively has issued a public for a misguided post involving a doctored image of Princess Kate. This comes right after the news about the princess's health condition was made public.

Blake Lively’s Public Apology

Blake Lively took to to express her regret for the badly-timed post. In her message, she expressed her sympathy and sent her good wishes to those affected by the news about Kate's health.

The controversial post initially shared by Lively was a promotional image for her brands – Betty Booze and Betty Buzz. The image was largely altered using Photoshop, causing a fair amount of uproar.

Princess Kate’s Photo Controversy

The image in question had been spun from an original photograph of Princess Kate. This prompted several photography agencies to pull back the image, stating that it had been digitally edited.

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To the surprise of many, the Duchess of Cambridge herself released a statement about the incident via Twitter. She acknowledged the editing and apologized for the confusion it might have caused.

Princess Kate’s Health Update

Princess Kate is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy. She began her treatment towards the end of February after her shocking cancer diagnosis.

Princess Kate, along with her husband Prince William, expressed their shock at the news, stating that they are dealing with the situation privately to protect their – George, Charlotte, and Louis. She has reassured them that she will be alright.

Before starting her treatment, Princess Kate underwent a major operation in January. She is spending her period nourishing her mind, body, and spirit, supported throughout by Prince William.

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