Shakira’s Reveals Heartbreaking Struggle After Split From Longtime Partner

Shakira, the world renowned singer, experienced a significant life change when she ended her with her ex-partner, a former Spanish soccer player, in June 2022 after a long journey of 11 years. In the midst of these changes, Shakira's main focus has remained her two sons, Milan and Sasha, and her career.

Moving Forward Post-Split

The months following the split saw Shakira's ex-partner moving on quickly, commencing a relationship with Clara Chia Marti. As for Shakira, she faced the challenges of single motherhood head-on, finding a balance between her career and her children. The singer often burns the midnight oil in order to spend quality time with her sons, Milan and Sasha, leading her to describe her new dynamic as “intense”.

Shakira’s Top Priorities

Despite the split from her partner and the looming legal difficulties with the Spanish government over tax fraud allegations, Shakira's primary concern remains her sons. Her commitment to her children is unwavering, even in times of personal upheaval. Alongside this, her other main focus is on her and adjusting to their new life in Miami after leaving Barcelona.

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Facing Challenges in the Public Eye

The public nature of her split has brought additional difficulties for Shakira. One of her main concerns is to shield her sons from the paparazzi and any negative news about their parents. To this end, she makes every effort to protect her sons from learning about their parents' situation through school or unpleasant news on the internet.

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