Shocking! Matt Baker Ditches BBC Role after a Decade!

In a candid conversation with Gabby Logan on the , The Mid.Point, Matt Baker opened up about his exit from a prominent BBC role.

The role, which Baker had maintained for close to a decade, brought about a sense of introspection. He began to question the progression of his and what he was accomplishing by staying with the BBC.

Embracing this change, Baker chose to part ways with the BBC. His next venture saw him start his own production company with a trusted colleague, who was then the head of development.

Their collaborative efforts resulted in the , My Life at . Baker is now on the verge of introducing a fresh Channel 4 show, Baker's Britain.

Details about the upcoming show, Baker’s Britain

The soon-to-be-launched show, Baker's Britain, will provide a platform for Baker to explore the country and interact with extraordinary individuals.

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A noticeable change in annual activities

Notably, Baker disclosed his decision to withdraw from his yearly in Need fundraising endeavor. This decision, after being a significant aspect of his career for the past 13 years, sparked reactions from fans. Notwithstanding, his wife, Nicola, lauded him for managing to raise in excess of £45 million through his past fundraising campaigns.

Amidst these transitions, Baker urged his followers to sustain their support for Children in Need in whatever capacity they can.

Interested listeners can access the revealing conversation on The Mid.Point with Gabby Logan on multiple platforms that host podcasts.

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