Discover How Celebrity Couple Dianne and Joe Celebrate Christmas!

Professional dancer, born in Australia, Dianne, celebrates Christmas with her long-term partner Joe Sugg. Photos of their beachside and Christmas decorations brought delight to many of their followers on social media.

The couple is known for their fun-loving nature and strong bond, which was clearly visible in their holiday snaps. Joe, a renowned Youtuber, was given the important task of preparing the roast potatoes for their festive feast.

In the spirit of Christmas, Dianne's father, who was diagnosed with , joined in their . He brought a touch of humor to the occasion by dressing up in a Spider-Man costume.

Dianne has been a pillar of support for her father, accompanying him to his chemotherapy sessions and documenting their journey to keep their followers informed. She expressed her admiration for her father's unyielding positivity and during his cancer treatment.

The dancer first informed the public about her father's health condition on November 16th via an Instagram post. The heart touching post detailed her father's bravery in the face of his illness.

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In a previous episode of “ Come Dancing” in October, Dianne had briefly mentioned her father's health issues. She thanked Joe, her partner on the show, for being a solid source of support during difficult times.

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