Wish to know how the are wrapping their gifts? From the stunning to the understated, each Kardashian sibling has put their unique styling spin on their gift wrapping this year. Keep reading to get a glimpse into these exclusive wrapping styles.

's Unique Wrapping Style

Kim Kardashian, known for her minimalist aesthetic, took a resourceful and creative approach. She decided to use the fabric of a white SKIMS cotton jersey t-shirt for her gift wrapping. An eco-friendly and innovative idea indeed!

Kylie and Kravis' Festive Touch

Kylie, on the other hand, went for a classic and festive approach, choosing a fun Santa print for her wrapping. Kravis preferred to keep things simple by opting for a straightforward green wrapping paper.

Mother Kardashian and Kendall's Choices

The Kardashian matriarch showed off her bold taste with shiny metallic red wrapping paper. Kendall chose an elegant blue and white print design, neatly tied up with a green bow for a tasteful finish.

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Rob Kardashian's Relatable Choice

Rob Kardashian's wrapping style, featuring a cheery snowman print and a white bin resembling a soft ball, was particularly noticeable. Fans found Rob's choice endearing and ‘relatable', with some joking that the wrapping paper likely came from a discount store.

Khloe's Monochromatic Theme

Khloe Kardashian opted for a sophisticated mono-green theme – wrapping her gifts in green paper and tying them with a matching green ribbon.

Fan Responses

The Kardashian fans didn't hold back their comments on these wrapping styles. Many praised Rob's choice, while others stated that Kylie and Rob best captured the Christmas spirit with their choices.

Khloe and Dream

In a tangential yet heartwarming update, Khloe recently revealed on an episode of The Kardashians how she feels like a third parent to Rob's , Dream. She stressed the significance of robust maternal influences in Dream's life.

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