Did You Know Dawn French’s Husband Dresses Up as Santa?

The Vicar of Dibley's iconic star, Dawn French, recently gave her followers a festive treat by sharing a picture of her husband, Mark Bignell, in full Santa Claus gear.

Married to the charity boss in 2013, French rarely shares snippets of their , making this post a unique and delightful surprise for her fans. The jovial Instagram update saw fans send their warm wishes and funny remarks to the couple for the season.

The backstory of French and Bignell's is truly captivating. The pair first crossed paths through a drug rehabilitation charity, an organization set up by French's late mother. However, French usually keeps her married life low-key, making this -themed photo stand out among her typical posts.

A Glimpse into French’s Private Life

Interestingly, French once labeled her husband as a “hoarder” during their house transition in 2022. This move saw them settling into a £2 million home in Cornwall. It's in this house that French has been laying low after her knee surgery.

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She faced another setback after her procedure when she injured her other knee, which she had been using for support post-surgery. This prompted her visit to the Cotehele National Trust property, a Tudor house located in South East Cornwall.

French’s Family

French is the proud mother of a 32-year-old daughter, Billie, whom she adopted with her former husband, comedian Lenny. The adoption took place when Billie was just two weeks old, and French has since spoken with fondness and deep love about her daughter.

In a past interview, French expressed that her daughter has been both her “biggest test and [her] biggest joy”. This statement gives a touching insight into the deep bond between mother and daughter.

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