Revealed: Jane McDonald’s Heartache Hidden Behind Her Festive Cheer

Prepare yourself for a heartwarming Christmas Day treat as hosts Christmas Carols on ITV directly after Princess Kate's carol concert.

Yet, despite the festive cheer, Jane bears quite the emotional burden during the season. Due to her late mother's passing in December 2018 and her late fiancé, Eddie Rothe's, proposal in the same month, it becomes a period of reflection and sorrow for her.

Her with Eddie, whom she got engaged to in 2008, ended prematurely due to his untimely . He passed away due to lung cancer in 2021, without the couple having the time to tie the knot.

Eddie's death took place at a hospice in Wakefield. Restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic meant that his funeral was more low-key than expected, adding to Jane's heartache. She has publicly expressed her deep sadness about not getting the opportunity to celebrate Eddie's life as fully as she would have liked.

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In her autobiography “Riding the Waves”, she reminisces openly about Eddie's heartwarming proposal. His sudden demise was a shock to her, given that he had not displayed any symptoms during his illness.

She took to praising Wakefield Hospice for their assistance and unwavering support during Eddie's end-of-life care, expressing deep gratitude and admiration for their hard work.

Christmas Carols on ITV,

Adding to the Christmas spirit, the show will be broadcasted from St Elisabeth's Church located in Greater Manchester. This location is ideal for the festive , creating a sentimental and joyful atmosphere that encapsulates the true spirit of Christmas.

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