Discover the Shocking Legal War between a Former Hollywood A-List Couple!

Former A-list couple, divorced in 2021, now find themselves embroiled in legal wrangling over issues such as property division and child custody.

Legal Status and Controversies

Officially single since 2019, the couple's process was bifurcated. This legal term implies that issues such as child custody and property division were set to be resolved over an extended period. The primary bone of contention is the French vineyard, Château Miraval, which the couple purchased in 2008.

The Château Miraval Dispute

In 2021, sold her half share of the winery for a hefty million. This action led to a lawsuit from Brad Pitt who still retains his own 50% stake in the winery. Although a majority of Brad's claims against Angelina were dismissed in , the lawsuit will persist as the court has granted him time to amend the dismissed claims.

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Brad filed his lawsuit under several legal jurisdictions, and two unresolved claims remain. One of these is an argument that Angelina could not sell her part in the winery without his consent.

Views from Angelina’s Legal Camp

According to Angelina's attorney, Paul Murphy, the lawsuit is not about a business dispute. He insists it is an attempt by Brad to divert attention from allegations of serious abuse. Despite the allegations and ongoing litigation, Murphy emphasizes that Angelina bears no grudge against Brad and hopes for a resolution to their ongoing dispute.

Additional Legal Disputes

Beyond the winery squabble, the former couple faces further disputes regarding child custody and abuse allegations. Angelina even filed a lawsuit against the FBI over their handling of the abuse allegations leveled at Brad.

The ex-couple share six ; Maddox, 21, Pax, 19, Zahara, 18, Shiloh, 17, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 15. Their futures hang in the balance as the legal battle rages on.

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