Unstoppable Dancing Duo Shocks Strictly Fans!

A dynamic duo is making waves on Come , consistently topping the leaderboard. Nikita Kuzmin and Layton Williams have shown their prowess on the dance floor, cinching the top spot three times in the first six weeks of the competition.

The pair has proved their mettle once again, securing their spot in the seventh week of the show. Their Halloween-inspired Tango routine impressed the judges, earning them a score of 36. Their success follows some emotional moments off the dance floor. Kuzmin recently opened up about watching ‘The Notebook' and shedding some .

While not on the dance floor, Kuzmin will continue to share his passion for dance. He has been confirmed to participate in Donaheys' Dancing with the Stars weekends. This involves a series of dance classes held at select hotels, where participants get the chance to learn from Strictly stars. The news was shared by fellow professional dancer, Jowita Pryzstal, through a announcement.

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Not all pairs have been as successful as Kuzmin and Williams, though.

Pryzstal herself, along with her partner Jody Cundy, faced elimination in the fourth week of the show. Their salsa routine failed to impress, resulting in a score of just 19 from the judges.

Nikita Kuzmin's Personal Life

When not dazzling audiences with his dance moves, Kuzmin spends quality time with his girlfriend, Lauren Jaine. Their , which has been public since at least August, is frequently showcased on social media. The couple are regularly sharing snapshots of their life together, giving fans a glimpse into their off-stage dynamics.

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