Real Housewives Star’s Shocking 20-Year Battle with Eating Disorder

The battle with an eating disorder that Jackie Goldschneider, star of of New Jersey, has been fighting for the past 20 years has recently been revealed. The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders has been a lifeline for her, and she has opened up about her struggle in a appropriately titled The Weight of Beautiful.

The book unravels the difficult journey she has been through, dealing with body dysmorphia and calorie counting. Goldschneider, a mother to two sets of twins, Jonas and Adin, 15, and Alexis and Hudson, 13, admits that she had to think twice before sharing certain parts of her story that might have affected her adversely.

However, she felt the need to share her experiences, even the unsettling ones. She often talks about her disorder with her kids, believing that it's an essential part of their education. This also includes demonstrating healthy eating habits, despite her own struggle with food.

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As part of her journey, she has come to terms with her past. She once blamed her mother for her unhealthy with food, but she now understands her mother's own issues with food.

She has expressed dissatisfaction with the depiction of her story on the show, stating that the editing could possibly give off the wrong impression about from such a disorder. She asserts that it's far from easy.

Since the publication of her memoir, she has been receiving positive responses from others battling similar issues. She hopes that her experiences recounted in the book will provide a realistic picture of what recovery looks like and that it might inspire hope.

Her husband, Evan, was in full support of her decision to write the memoir. Goldschneider does, however, express a concern. She does not want her memoir to unintentionally encourage unhealthy habits in others. Instead, she emphasizes the danger of eating disorders and strongly discourages succumbing to them.

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Goldschneider strongly advises individuals struggling with an eating disorder to seek help from the National Eating Disorders Association. The organization is a valuable resource and can provide much-needed support and guidance.

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