Uncover America’s Morning Angel’s True Love; It’s Not What You Think!

A well-known figure in the media industry and a doting mother to her two , our story today revolves around the star known for her compassion towards animals.

She's a proud mom to Duff, aged 21, and daughter Kat, aged 19. Duff is presently broadening his horizon at Southern Methodist University while Kat is exploring her intellectual capacities at Vanderbilt University.

A Glimpse Into Her Personal Life

Her has been quite eventful. She was once married to fellow journalist, a CNN reporter by the name of David Haffenreffer. Their union lasted from 2000 to 2015. Currently, she is married to Richard McVey, a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of MarketAxess Holdings.

A Heart for Animals

What makes her truly remarkable is her advocacy for pet adoption. She strongly supports the North Shore Animal League's mission and has been actively involved in it.

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Recently, she opened her home to a rescue dog that joined her existing canine of three dogs named Riva, Coco, and Dandy. This fourth rescue pup, however, has yet to make its debut on her feed.

Instagram Advocacy

She regularly uses her Instagram platform to advocate for pet adoption. Just recently, she shared a post about a pitbull mix named Chief who is currently looking for a forever home.

Receiving Praise

Her dedication to animal welfare has won her many admirers. Many fans have expressed their admiration for her tireless advocacy for animal adoption.

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