Meet the Yoga ‘Fat Femme’ Dominating the Fitness Scene

Meet Jessamyn Stanley, a renowned American yoga instructor and body positivity supporter who's making waves in the wellness space. Identifying as a ‘fat femme' and ‘queer femme,' Stanley is a beacon of hope for those who traditionally feel ostracized from the yoga community due to their size.

Stanley’s Early Start in Yoga

Stanley's yoga journey began when she was 16 years old, but the path wasn't always smooth. Her initial experience proved challenging, and she didn't revisit the practice until her early twenties.

Building a Community on Social Media

Stanley turned to , where she posted about her yoga experiences. Her posts immediately struck a chord with those who felt neglected by the yoga community because of their stature. Stanley's influence grew, and she became a social media sensation for yoga enthusiasts.

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Stanley’s Advocacy for Visibility

She used her platform to underscore the scarcity of fat people's representation in wellness spaces. Stanley attributes the fat positivity, acceptance, and liberation movements to black activists.

A Champion for Change

Stanley doesn't shy away from open conversations about the heavy burden of navigating society as a fat, Black individual. She candidly discusses the discrimination she encounters as a Black woman. Stanley's call to action against internalized racism urges individuals to take deliberate steps beyond mere tokenism.

Looking towards Inclusivity

Stanley acknowledges a positive shift in the portrayal of fat Black individuals in media recently. Yet, she firmly believes that a more widespread is needed in households around the world. Despite the challenges, Stanley remains hopeful for future strides towards inclusivity and acceptance.

A Published Author

Beyond her social media prowess, Stanley is a published . Her book, “Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On The Mat, Your Body,” further cements her stand on body positivity and self-acceptance in the yoga community.

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