Discover How HELLO! Teams Up With Blue Marine For A Groundbreaking Cause

The media giant HELLO! has just announced a collaboration with the Blue Marine Foundation, a partnership based on a shared vision for a healthier ocean. This partnership will augment Blue Marine’s ongoing project work and bring it to a broader audience.

HELLO! and Blue Marine United for Ocean Health

This high-profile partnership will help Blue Marine Foundation disseminate information about its global ocean initiatives. HELLO!, having recently received ESGmarkâ certification, pledges its continued support to this foundation. Central to this collaboration is HRH Princess Eugenie, who joins a illustrious list of Blue Marine’s ambassadors.

Focus on Key Conservation Projects

HELLO! will concentrate its coverage on the importance of ocean health, featuring key conservation projects. This includes a keen focus on marine protected areas, restoration initiatives for marine habitats, and conservation efforts to protect rare and endangered sea life. The problem of overfishing will also be spotlighted as a significant issue.

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Supporting Innovative Digital Initiatives

The collaboration will also see HELLO! support Blue Marine’s #walkwithwhales immersive digital experience on Instagram and Facebook. This unique initiative offers a multi-sensory journey through the underwater world, allowing users to virtually swim alongside whales.

Blue Marine’s Vision and Strategic Interventions

With a vision of ‘a healthy ocean forever, for everyone’, Blue Marine has a clear goal and strategic interventions. These include confronting unsustainable fishing practices, developing models for sustainable fishing, restoring marine habitats, and connecting people with the sea. Notably, the foundation is dedicated to securing marine protected areas.

Setting an Ambitious Goal

The stakes are high and the timeline is short. Blue Marine has set a formidable goal to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030. Through this partnership with HELLO!, the foundation seeks to raise the necessary awareness and support to achieve this critical milestone.

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