Kardashian’s Son Psalm: Unrecognisable or Reincarnated?

Psalm, the son of , was recently seen busting some moves with his sister Chicago and cousin True. A surprise for many, this rare appearance of Psalm revealed a grown boy, quite unrecognizable for the fans.

A Rare Appearance

Psalm is seldom seen in the public eye, making his recent video even more intriguing. He was moving with the rhythm to a song named “Miss Westie”. This tune is credited to his sister North West and father, Kanye West. The doting fans, upon seeing the video, were taken aback at the growth of Psalm, initially finding it hard to even recognize him.

Reflection of Heritage

Kim Kardashian, the mother of four, has always asserted that among all her kids, it is Psalm who mirrors her Armenian heritage the most. She has always had a special bond with him, evident from her numerous public statements.

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Reincarnation of her Late Father?

In a fascinating twist of events back in 2019, a medium informed Kim that she would give birth to a son who would, in fact, be her late father reincarnated. After the birth of Psalm, a strange coincidence occurred when a woman approached his nurse with a similar prediction.

This prediction seems to have found some resonance as Kim noticed that Psalm is left-handed, just like her late father, Robert Kardashian, was.

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