The Tragic Loss Hollywood Didn’t See Coming

Paula Weinstein, respected Tribeca executive and producer, passed away on March 25, aged 78. Jane Fonda, a close friend of Paula, paid heartfelt tribute to her in an Instagram post.

In heartfelt remembrance, Jane referred to Paula as her “bestie”, expressing profound feelings of loss. She described Paula as the source of the most authentic belly laughs and the epitome of what a friend should be.

Weinstein was a significant figure in the , contributing to projects such as The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Perfect Storm, Analyze This, and Grace and Frankie. Her mentorship, particularly towards young women in the industry, was admired. She guided many aspirants to secure prominent roles within major studios.

Professional Collaborations and Friendship

The bond between Jane and Paula extended beyond friendship, influencing professional collaborations on projects such as Monster-in-Law, This Is Where I Leave You, and Grace and Frankie. Paula was not only a confidante and advisor to Jane but also to her , portraying the depth of their .

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They stood by each other, mutually supporting, and were godmothers to each other's . Paula was also known for her cautious nature when it comes to . She would often research and recommend doctors, reflecting her care and concern for those around her.

Political Involvement

The end of Jane's tribute included a message from Paula's family, asking supporters to honor Paula's memory by supporting the reelection of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other Democrats. This shows the long-standing commitment of both Jane and Paula to political activism, dating back to their involvement in antiwar protests in the 1960s.

In recent times, Paula had left Tribeca Enterprises to concentrate on political campaigns. She played a significant role in the establishment of the Hollywood Women's Political Committee, making a considerable impact on political activism within the entertainment industry.

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