The Tragic Loss Hollywood Didn’t See Coming

The Tragic Loss Hollywood Didn't See Coming

Paula Weinstein, respected Tribeca executive and producer, passed away on March 25, aged 78. Jane Fonda, a close friend of Paula, paid heartfelt tribute to her in an Instagram post. In heartfelt remembrance, Jane referred to Paula as her “bestie”, expressing profound feelings of loss. She described Paula as the source of the most authentic … Read more

Iconic Acting Duo Back in Action After Two Decades

Iconic Acting Duo Back In Action After Two Decades

It’s been two decades since they last shared the screen, but this beloved acting duo is back in action and brimming with excitement. With a strong commitment to family-oriented filmmaking, their off-screen partnership has been an enduring one since 1988, including raising two children together. Michael J. Weithorn, the project’s architect, views this as a … Read more