“Cher Denied Conservatorship Over Son: Full Shocking Story”

The recent request of popular singer Cher for a conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman, was denied by Judge Jessica Uzcategui on January 6. The petition submitted by Cher was centered around her concerns for Elijah's and issues with .

Concerns Around Trust Fund Handling

Cher, notably worried about Elijah's ability to responsibly manage the annual income of ,000 from his trust fund, inherited from his late father Gregg Allman, sought legal intervention. However, the judge was not convinced that Elijah and his attorneys were given adequate notice of the proceedings.

Request to Waive Notice Period

Cher's attorney, Gabrielle Vidal, requested that the standard five-day notice period be waivered, claiming there was a potential threat to Elijah's life. Despite this, Judge Uzcategui was unmoved and stated that Elijah received less than 24 hour's notice at best.

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Continuation of Court Proceedings

Cher and her legal team now have until January 22 to share all relevant information with Elijah's legal counsel. They are set to return to court on January 29 for further proceedings. Elijah was present for the court decision and was accompanied by his wife, Marieangela ‘Queeny' King.

Accusations and Counter-claims

In a shocking turn of events, Marieangela accused Cher of attempting to abduct Elijah for the purpose of rehabilitation, an accusation that Cher has flatly denied. Reports have surfaced that four men were hired to forcibly remove Elijah from his hotel room at the Chateau Marmont Hotel. Marieangela has also voiced criticism against establishments that have excluded her from Elijah's treatment plans and raised concerns over the unethical practices of some rehabilitation facilities. Cher, on the other hand, accused Marieangela of negatively influencing Elijah's recovery process.

Elijah’s Personal Life

In 2021, Elijah initiated proceedings against Marieangela but asked to halt the proceedings prior to the conservatorship decision. The couple, who had separated in 2020 citing “irreconcilable differences”, is now focusing on mending their .

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