What’s the Shocking Truth Behind Nadiya’s Love Life?

Nadiya, a backing dancer known for her performances in the Strictly Live , finds herself in the spotlight. Notable for her talent and personal life, she has navigated the dance floor and relationships with grace and endurance.

Her current beau, Kai, is also from the world of professional dancing. Despite their shared paths, Kai is not in the Strictly Live Tour, creating a difference between their professional lives. Instead, Kai's previous partner, Angela Rippon, is currently partnered with Graziano Di Prima.

Off the dance floor, Nadiya and Kai are nurturing a close . They've indulged in activities that add a unique color to their story – their shared joy in a round of virtual golf and a delightful ride in a classic London black cab.

However, Nadiya's past holds another significant relationship. She was once betrothed to Slovenian footballer Matija Skarabot, a testament to her past. Even more significant, this bond brought into the world their daughter, Mila.

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Nadiya's Balancing Act

This professional dancer has demonstrated balance not just in her performances, but in her personal life as well. Her daughter, Mila, is the centerpiece in this picture. She ensures that Mila is a top priority, even as she navigates a new relationship with Kai.

Heartwarmingly, Kai is not just accepting of this, but admires Nadiya for it. He acknowledges Nadiya as “the one”, not just for her captivating personality, but for the strength and love that she exemplifies as a mother.

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