Who Will Steal Joey Graziadei’s Heart in the Bachelor Final?

Get ready for the finale of this year's Bachelor, as the spotlight shines on Joey Graziadei, a tennis instructor who has captured the hearts of many.

As the bachelor, Graziadei found himself in a decisive situation, with three potential partners left in the competition: Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance. The conclusion of this romantic journey is slated to be broadcast on March 25th.

Graziadei’s Journey from Contestant to Bachelor Lead

Transitioning from a contestant to the main lead of the show was not a walk in the park, according to Graziadei. He shared on The Show how much more demanding the lead role is due to the continuous scheduling, in contrast with the relatively lighter duties of a contestant, which usually includes only one date per week.

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Graziadei’s Take on The Bachelor Experience

Despite the difficulties and rigorous schedule, Graziadei showed his appreciation for the unique experience the show had provided. He especially expressed his admiration for the women on the show, commending their resolve and character. He valued the opportunity to build his own narrative and foster with these remarkable women.

Graziadei’s Personal Life

Originally from Royersford, Pennsylvania, Graziadei currently resides with his older sister Carly and her husband. Choosing to remain close to his , he moved in anticipating the whirlwind of events the show would bring. His sisters, including his younger sister Eleanor, attended the show, albeit with mixed feelings about seeing their brother date multiple women on national .

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