Discover How Billie Eilish Made Film History Again!

22-year-old sensation, Billie Eilish, made waves in the once again by securing an Oscar win for Best Original Song. She celebrated this extraordinary in a modest locale, the Astro Restaurant in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, until the early hours of the morning.

Eilish Triumphs with Best Original Song

The award-winning track, titled “What Was I Made For?”, was featured in the Barbie movie. Billie celebrated her success alongside her brother and collaborator, Finneas O'Connell, who also received an Oscar for his contribution to the song. The duo's success didn't stop there. This achievement marked their second Oscar win, with the first being 2022's “No Time to Die” from the iconic James Bond franchise. This remarkable accomplishment has positioned Billie as the youngest individual to secure more than a single Oscar.

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First Woman to Win the Triple Crown Twice

Billie's success doesn't stop at just the . She is notably the first female artist to secure the prestigious Triple Crown, comprised of an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe, for film not once, but twice.

Acknowledging her Win

During her acceptance speech, an evidently surprised Billie expressed her gratitude for the win. In an act of dedication, she directed her win towards everyone affected by the Barbie movie.

Oscar’s Night: A Quick Overview

In the grand scheme of the night, Oppenheimer bagged a whopping seven Oscars, including the much-coveted Best Picture award, eclipsing the Barbie movie's single win. “Poor Things” and “The Zone Of Interest” were other noteworthy films with four and two awards respectively, including Best Actress for Emma Stone.

Billie posted a snapshot of her with the Oscar trophy on the table at 5:36 AM, continuing to wear her sophisticated black blazer and striped shirt from the Vanity Fair Oscar party into the early morning.

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