Why Did James Martin’s 12-Year Relationship Suddenly End?

Well-known TV presenter has parted ways with his long-time girlfriend Louise Davies. The duo called it quits in December 2023 after dating for 12 years. This comes as a surprise to many who admired their relationship.

Interestingly, James was spotted with personal trainer Kim Johnson in Mayfair recently. It is still unsure whether the two are romantically involved.

It's worth noting that both James and Louise had no plans to tie the knot or start a . James revealed in 2019 that his career in catering for weddings had dampened his desire for marriage. The following year, he further disclosed that his dedication to his career had deprived him of the chance to have .

James, however, expressed no regret over his choices. Despite the personal sacrifices, he reiterated that if given a chance, he would make the same decisions all over again.

Before his relationship with Louise, James was in a romantic liaison with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. His relationships have been a constant subject of interest for his fans and followers.

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James is currently undergoing cancer treatment. He took to to express his gratitude towards his fans for their overwhelming support during this difficult period. He also announced his temporary retreat from television to concentrate on his .

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