Discover the Shocking Comradery Among Your Favorite Stars

Get an inside look into the interpersonal dynamics and camaraderie among Lilly, Priyanka, Mindy and other successful figures. Lilly opens up about her with these influencers, their support for each other and the grand events that bring them together.

Building Bonds in the Industry

Lilly's relationships with prominent figures in the industry, like Mindy and Priyanka, are marked by mutual support and respect. They constantly lean on each other for industry-specific advice and overall support during crucial junctures in their personal and professional lives.

A Dedicated Support System

Lilly often speaks about instances where Priyanka and Mindy have lent their support. Notably, both have been at hand to provide guidance in the industry and even moderate during her book . This support system has been beneficial, as Lilly emphasizes countering criticism and negativity by openly expressing their mutual support.

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Celebrating South Asian Culture

One of the ways Lilly celebrates her culture is through her lavish Diwali parties, attended by prominent Indian-Americans and Indians residing in India. These events not only offer a grand but also an opportunity to display and appreciate their rich culture.

Creating a Space for Celebration

Lilly holds a strong desire to provide a platform for South Asians to enjoy grand celebrations akin to those seen in other communities. Her aspiration is reflected in her Diwali parties, which are nothing short of an epic bash.

Supporting Fellow Artists

Priyanka's book tour was another occasion where Lilly's supportive nature was evident, as she acted as a moderator. Mindy's shows too have always received Lilly's unwavering support, even during press events. This mutual support among these women embodies Lilly's personal mission to uplift South Asian women, appreciating the paths paved by Priyanka and Mindy.

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