“How a Celebrated TV Show Star is Shedding Light on Celiac Disease”

personality, Dylan, recently sparkled the spotlight on celiac disease, a condition commonly overlooked. She did so by sharing a family photo that was anything but traditional.

Striking a pose with her husband, Brian Fichera, and their three sons, the family picture was both heartwarming and real. It had an element of authenticity that was highlighted by her youngest son, Rusty, who was captured shedding tears.

Dylan is a mother to three boys. The seven-year-old, Calvin, is the eldest followed by Oliver who is aged three. Rusty is the newest addition to this delightful family.

posts aren't the only way Dylan is spreading about celiac disease. The family's Thanksgiving meal was entirely devoid of gluten. This was in response to Calvin's dietary needs, as he was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Dylan made Calvin's condition public on the Today Show. Calvin's consistent sharp pain turned out to be a symptom of this ailment. Ever since then, gluten has been completely eliminated from the family's meal plans.

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In addition to sharing details about and meals, Dylan actively promotes gluten-free food. She posts recipes and images of gluten-free meals, in the hopes of raising awareness around celiac disease.

Not one to limit her efforts to the digital sphere, Dylan and her family took to the streets in October. They participated in the Beyond Celiac 5k race in Waltham, Massachusetts. The race was a step forward in advocating for those dealing with celiac disease.

From sharing personal experiences to participating in awareness campaigns, Dylan wants others to proceed with optimism. She urges those facing similar situations to seek out support from communities. The journey with celiac disease is a challenging one, but Dylan's bright spirit sends a signal of hope to many.

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