Discover Peltz-Beckham’s Icy Bedroom and Sizzling Career- You Won’t Believe It!

Keeping up with the isn't always warm, as Nicola Peltz-Beckham recently revealed. From icy room temperatures to a sizzling , the daughter-in-law of David and is making headlines.

For those brave enough to face the chills, the Beckham household, renowned for its cool temperatures, can be a bit of a winter wonderland. Peltz-Beckham revealed that her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, prefers their bedroom to be a brisk 60 degrees. No wonder she can't face the night without her trusty portable heating pad!

There's more to Peltz-Beckham than just being a part of the famous Beckham family, though. This talented individual recently made her directorial debut with a film called “Lola”. The movie portrays the life of Lola James, a character striving to save enough money to rescue her brother from their destructive home environment.

Support From the Beckhams

One could certainly say that the Beckham family is proud of Peltz-Beckham's achievements. Victoria Beckham, her mother-in-law, demonstrated her support by sharing the “Lola” trailer on her platform and expressing her pride. Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola's husband, also featured on his social media, proudly celebrating his wife's accomplishments.

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Nicola and Victoria: A Growing Bond

Reports of a strained relationship between Nicola and Victoria seem misplaced, as the pair appears to have grown quite close recently. Evidence of this bond is clear from Victoria's recent posts. She shared a video of the two on a beach, celebrating Nicola's birthday, alongside photos of Nicola with Brooklyn and the two women enjoying drinks together. Victoria's birthday message to Nicola included praises for her love, kindness, talent, and dancing skills.

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