Uncover the Love Story You Never Knew existed between Nadiya and Kai

Professional dancers Nadiya and Kai are gearing up for an exciting time ahead, with the Live and their exclusive show, Nadiya and Kai: Behind the Magic.

Not only are they professionally busy, they are also marking a personal milestone. The duo is celebrating their two-year anniversary. The details of their have now been unveiled for the first time in an interview and photoshoot, exclusive to a popular magazine.

When Kai joined the Strictly cast back in September 2021, he was certain that Nadiya was the one for him. He often speaks highly of her, not just highlighting her outer beauty, but also her inner kindness and exceptional skills.

Nadiya, a 34-year-old mother to a seven-year-old girl named Mila, admitted that Kai had to work to win her over. Her past relationship was with a Slovenian footballer, Matija Skarabot, who is also the father of her daughter Mila.

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For Nadiya, her daughter's well-being comes first. She has always believed that her choices in love will inevitably impact Mila. So, she was mindful of how starting a new chapter with Kai could affect her daughter.

Kai showed her that it was worth taking the risk. He was able to prove that their relationship had the potential to provide a positive influence on Mila.

If you're looking for further insight into their love story, the latest issue of HELLO! magazine has it all. The magazine is currently available across various platforms – both physical and digital.

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