Unveiling Ava’s Epic 21st Birthday Bash in New York

A memorable evening in New York City marked the of Ava's 21st . Amy, her mother, who shared a heartfelt post, and a group of family and friends, joined the occasion for a night filled with joy.

Festivities of the Night

Wine and champagne flowed as the group, which included Ava's sister Annalise and Amy's friend Nikki Espina, reveled in the celebration. The group not only sang ‘Happy Birthday' to Ava in the Suprema Provisions restaurant but also witnessed Ava blowing out candles on a Milk Bar birthday cake, making the night truly special.

An Online Tribute

Amy's post for her included various pictures of Ava spanning different years. The birthday girl, deeply moved by the post, didn't shy away from expressing love for her mother in the comment section.

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Chronicles Shared

Videos and photos capturing the magic of the celebration were generously shared by friends, painting a vivid picture of the memorable event.

Amy’s Love Life

Amy, mother to two daughters from her previous marriage to Tim McIntosh that concluded in 2008, found love again with Andrew Shue in 2010. By 2022, she revealed falling in love again, this time with her GMA3 co-star T.J Holmes.

Beginnings of a New Relationship

Amy and T.J asserted that they were both single when they initiated their but didn't disclose the same to their children immediately. Amy voiced regret about not being forthcoming about her relationship with T.J to her daughters.

A Journey of Healing

The family, currently, is in therapy, indicating a journey of healing and understanding, navigating the complexities of relationships and the passage of time.

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