Uncover the Shocking Secrets of Elizabeth’s Guest Judging Gig

Experience a unique perspective in the modeling world with the recent episode of Germany's Next Top Model featuring Elizabeth as a guest judge.

Notably, Elizabeth joined , a model and personality, on the judging panel, contributing her own unique insights. The episode was filmed in the beautiful location of Tenerife. In the fourth episode of the 19th season, contestants were flown to the exotic locale for a particularly exciting round of competition.

During the show, models participated in group shoots, expertly photographed by Heidi Klum herself. For her appearance on the show, Elizabeth chose a stylish white lace dress complemented by a fluffy camel coat. She rounded off her look with a pair of comfortable Ugg boots, making a statement with her simplicity.

In contrast, Heidi chose to wear oversized black pants, paired with a two-tone neutral sweater. Her look was nicely accented by a wool gilet, displaying her knack for fashion.

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Interestingly, Elizabeth recently returned from a rejuvenating stay at a luxurious resort in Austria. Known as a medical health resort, the retreat is a popular destination for celebrities, costing approximately ,000 a week. In fact, celebrities such as Rebel Wilson, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss have been known to visit this resort.

During her stay, Elizabeth underwent the ‘Mayr cure', a detox program renowned for its intensity. The main focus of the program is to purge the body of toxins, providing a complete reset for the body's system.

Elizabeth's primary motivation for visiting the resort was not to lose weight, but to reboot her digestion, learn stress management techniques, and treat her body's injuries. She did, however, manage to shed a few pounds during her stay.

Upon her , Elizabeth affirmed a renewed commitment to her health. Having experienced the benefits of the Mayr cure, she reported feeling more energised and committed to being her best, healthiest self.

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