Discover the Shocking Twist to Jenny and Donnie’s Hollywood-style Romance

Meet Jenny and Donnie, a power couple whose love story can rival any romance. From their first meeting on a talk show to their exciting life as a married couple, their journey is an inspiring tale of love, commitment, and mutual respect.

The Start of a Love Story

The meeting of Jenny and her husband Donnie can be traced back to 2012 on the set of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, a popular talk show. Andy Cohen, the host of the show, and a mutual friend of both, played a pivotal role in their by encouraging Donnie to ask Jenny out.

Donnie, known for his time with the 90s boyband “New Kids on the Block”, didn't commence dating Jenny until the following year when they crossed paths again on Jenny's show.

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Stepping Out Together

In August 2013, the couple publicly confirmed their relationship with a debut at a event for Dancing with the Stars. This event marked the beginning of their journey as a couple in the public eye.

A Memorable Proposal and Wedding

Donnie popped the question in 2014. In a heartwarming gesture, he involved Jenny's son Evan in the proposal. The couple tied the knot later that same year on August 31, at the scenic Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois.

Their was a deeply emotional event. Their first dance was to the melodious tunes of ‘Edelweiss' from The Sound of Music, and Evan expressed his affection for his new stepdad, making the ceremony all the more special.

The Marriage Journey

Despite not being plagued by disagreements or tension, the couple believed in the importance of open communication and attended couples therapy sessions. They continue to share their date nights with their fans, providing insight into how they keep their relationship engaging and vibrant.

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Surprises and Shared Moments

In a delightful surprise in 2021, Donnie appeared as Cluedle Doo, a character known for giving clues on The Masked Singer, stunning and amusing Jenny. This event is a testament to their shared sense of fun and adventure.

Described by Jenny as her “everything” and the love of her life, their relationship continues to inspire many with its warmth and sincerity.

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