Revealed: The Hidden Life of David Muir’s Precious Pooch

Renowned ABC personality, , gave his followers a fresh glimpse into his life by sharing an adorable photo of Axel, his German Shorthaired Pointer, set to celebrate his fifth this March.

On , Axel was portrayed basking in the joys of a day out with his canine pals in the heart of New York. This endearing snapshot was captured by the city based dog service, Expawers.

German Shorthaired Pointers: The Breed of Champions

German Shorthaired Pointers are often lauded for their immense energy levels alongside noticeable power, speed, agility, and endurance. This breed is far from being ordinary, effortlessly standing out with its revered traits.

A Glimpse into Axel’s Life

Axel became a part of David's life since his puppy days and the bond has only strengthened over the years. Their charming moments are often shared by David on his platforms. A memorable instance was Axel's portrait on his fourth birthday, featuring his distinct brown markings and bright green eyes.

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Axel’s Life Beyond the Camera

Axel's life is far more than just photos and appearances. David once recounted a delightful tale of teaching Axel to swim in his pool during a 2019 episode of Live with Kelly and Mark. Notably, Axel's prowess doesn't end here. He possesses an uncanny ability to spot wildlife including birds, squirrels, and frogs.

Further extending his love for nature, Axel is frequently seen exploring the outdoors as seen in a 2023 photograph where he was standing majestically on a rock amidst a serene lake.

David’s Lakeside Home: Axel’s Abode

Axel enjoys the liberty to move around freely in David's opulent million lakeside residence in New York, with full permission to relax on the furniture. The splendid property, acquired by David in 2019, is nestled on Skaneateles Lake and boasts six bedrooms, two kitchens, three bathrooms, and a grand fireplace.

Owning this historic dweling has been a “lifelong dream” for David, particularly due to its proximity to his in Central New York.

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