Revealed: Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Life in Dubai

Breaking news for fans of Lindsay Lohan – the actress became a first-time parent alongside her partner, Bader Shammas, with the birth of their son, Luai, in July 2023.

The pair had previously tied the knot in an ultra-private wedding ceremony held in April 2022. The specific details around the location and other aspects of the ceremony remain a closely guarded secret.

Despite their fiercely private , Lohan gave her followers a glimpse into her life with Shammas. She posted a photo on where the couple were captured enjoying a meal together. This photo elicited positive comments from fans who couldn't help but notice the undeniable happiness radiating from the actress.

The Lohan-Shammas Family in Dubai

Based in , the couple not only met in this vibrant city but have also chosen it as the perfect place to raise their son, Luai. Lohan moved to Dubai in 2014, a decision she has previously compared to the premise of the 1998 film ‘The Truman Show'. She finds the city's structure and privacy appealing, a stark contrast to the constant scrutiny that comes with living in .

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It's worth noting that this private approach to life is also shaped by Dubai's strict privacy laws that make paparazzi activities virtually impossible. As such, the couple, particularly their young son, are able to enjoy a life away from the flashbulbs and intrusions that are common in other parts of the world.

Lindsay Lohan on Meeting Bader Shammas and Motherhood

In a rare moment of openness, Lohan shared how she met Shammas. She revealed that their paths crossed in a restaurant and she immediately knew that Shammas was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Adding to this, in an interview with Allure, Lohan expressed how she looked forward to the journey of and confirmed her decision to raise Luai in Dubai. This intimate insight into the actress's life not only paints a picture of her personal happiness but also her stability and contentment with her life in Dubai.

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