Discover the Unusual Love Story of Liz and Kelvin

In a recent episode of the new , Ameliarate Through Wine, hosted by wine expert Amelia Singer, Liz and her husband, Kelvin, a former Emmerdale star, revealed intriguing insights into their personal and professional lives.

During the candid conversation, Liz mentioned her aspiration to undertake a daunting challenge, akin to Kelvin's past experiences, as a significant milestone. The couple, who have been married for eight years, share four lovely children: Marnie, Milo, and twins Maximus and Mateusz.

Liz and Kelvin's love story is adorably unique. They crossed paths while attending school and tied the knot in a mesmerizing candlelit ceremony in November 2015. Kelvin, who considers himself romantically inclined, contrasted himself with Liz, stating she's not very romantic. He also shared an anecdote about a sentimental gift he presented to Liz.

Life at Fletchers’ Family Farm

The couple's residence is a sprawling 120-acre farm situated in the Peak District. They chronicle their pastoral life there on the ITV series, Fletchers' Family Farm. Liz confessed her fondness for rural fashion, specifically tweeds, flat caps, and wellies. Around the same context, the couple deliberated on the possibility of producing their own wine on their expansive land.

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Kelvin’s Dancing Prowess

Four years ago, Kelvin exhibited his exceptional skills on , where he was victorious with his partner Oti Mabuse. He pledged to impart some of this intricate footwork to Liz.

Ameliarate Through Wine Podcast

Ameliarate Through Wine is a unique concept podcast, where Amelia Singer engages celebrities in discussions, matching their personalities and careers with wines.

Liz’s Marriage Advice

Liz's recipe for a successful, long-lasting marriage is simple yet profound: Marry someone you like, cultivate shared laughter, and collaborate as a team.

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