Is There More Than Just Dancing Between Strictly’s Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier?

's recently engaged with a fan's praise about her most recent with dance partner, Bobby Brazier, underscoring their palpable on-stage chemistry.

Showing appreciation for a fan's comment on their passionate performance, Dianne responded with a red heart emoji and a caption: “It's the truth tho!!”. The fan had commended their ability to elegantly execute the dance, despite Brazier being a novice.

A Brewing Romance?

Rumours have been swirling about a possible romantic entanglement between Dianne and Bobby, especially after their mesmerizing Argentine Tango performance. Yet, amidst this conjecture, Dianne assured fans during an appearance on Good Morning Britain that their on-stage chemistry is strictly for the dance with no romantic undertones.

This clarification drew support from fans who defended the pair's professional rapport which faced speculations of romance. Dianne's and Bobby's bond has undoubtedly grown stronger over the course of the competition, evidenced by their mutual support during emotional moments.

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Past Experiences and Relationships

Bobby referred to their shared experience on the show as emotional in a past interview, and Dianne expressed gratitude towards him for being a “massive rock”.

Off-screen, Dianne is in a with , whom she met during her stint on the 16th season of Strictly. This fact lends more weight to her assertion that the connection with Bobby is purely professional and platonic.

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