Unearth the Unbelievable Similarities Between This Rugby Club Star and His Dad!

Ben, a popular figure in Woodford Rugby Club, is renowned for his notable similarities with his father. The father-son duo were recently seen geared up to watch a game, dressed in warm clothing that highlighted their uncanny resemblances.

His father wore a white shirt striped in purple, a tie in contrasting shades of black and purple, and a coat. The striking similarity in their hairstyles was visible, even though the silver in his father's hair contrasted starkly with Ben's greying locks.

The bond between the two is palpable, with Ben recently wishing his father a joyous 80th in one of his posts.

Ben’s Personal Life

Delving into his , Ben tied the knot with Annie in the year 2004. The nuptials took place on a serene private island off the Devon coast. Annie made a statement on the big day, donning a chic fur coat over her dress.

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The couple, who first encountered each other at university, have bravely faced numerous challenges and celebrated countless successes together.

Family Ties

Ben grew up in Epping, Essex alongside his siblings- Toby and Alex. Their upbringing was under the guidance of their father, an accountant by profession, and their mother, a nurse.

Ben, Alex, and Toby share a close bond. Earlier this year, Ben posted a snapshot with Alex, taken post a successful Park Run.

Despite his busy schedule, Ben never misses a chance to maintain a strong connection with his family. Recently, he expressed his over being able to meet his mother after the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

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