Meet the Rising Celebrities You Didn’t See Coming in 2024

HELLO! unveils its talent roster for , offering a pantheon of promising newcomers across various fields. These rising stars are taking their respective stages by storm, paving their distinct paths to .

Berri Neil

Having represented England in netball, Berri Neil now shows her athletic prowess on the for the UK club London Pulse.

Ameerah Falzon

Actress Ameerah Falzon has been gracing the screens for nearly a decade. She is recognised for her role as Jasmine Salford in the CBBC sitcom So Awkward. Falzon has also lent her voice to the character of Frida in both Netflix's animated series Hilda and the Polish series Infamy.


Prolific singer-songwriter Pritt has a striking milestone to her name – her song Unakkul Naane sky-rocketed to 50 million streams on Spotify in 2023. Pritt also thrilled the crowd at the Reading and Leeds Festival, performing on the BBC Music's Introducing stage.


Lucy Shepherd

Explorer extraordinaire Lucy Shepherd embarked on a gruelling 50-day expedition through the Amazon jungle in 2021. Her daring journey is captured in a two-part documentary on Channel 4.

Ruben Reuter

Channel 4 News boasts the talents of Ruben Reuter, a 23-year-old with Down's Syndrome, adding a new perspective in news reporting.

Tatty Macleod

Tatty Macleod, dubbed as “That French TikTok Lady,” has amassed over 400,000 followers and a staggering 50 million views on . Macleod was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Brittany, France, under the care of her Scottish-Welsh mother.

Tobias Turley

Last but not least, Tobias Turley, a youthful 23-year-old, stood out in ITV's Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream talent search. His undeniable talent and charming appeal have earned him a spot in the West End musical adaptation of Mamma Mia!.

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