“What Happened When Ginger Zee Visited Orlando with Her Family?”

ABC meteorologist and star, Ginger Zee, has been sharing heartwarming moments from her 's recent trip to Orlando, Florida. The much-loved TV personality documented the family fun, much to the delight of her followers.

Known for her persona, Ginger Zee is a popular figure on ABC. She is also a doting mother to two sons, Adrian Benjamin and Miles Macklin. Of course, her family wouldn't be complete without her husband, television personality Ben Aaron. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and have been sharing their beautiful family moments ever since.

Weekend in Orlando, Florida

The family's most recent trip took them to sunny Orlando, Florida. There, they spent a loving weekend soaking up the sun and quality time. A highlight of the trip was meeting her cousin's new baby, Laken. The joyful weekend was marked by pool dips, baby cuddles and infectious laughter.

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Social Media Praise

Always one to share her experiences, Ginger posted a picture on . The image showed her and Adrian posing with the adorable baby Laken. The post wasn't short of sweet and positive comments. A slew of heart emojis and warm words filled the comment section, showing the her colleagues and fans have for her.

From Poolside to Disney World

The family-filled fun didn't stop there. Earlier in the week, the family made a visit to Disney World. Ginger, Ben, Adrian, and Miles posed for memorable photos with everyone's favorite character, Mickey Mouse. Certainly, this trip was one for the family archives.

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