Discover Willow’s Shocking Performance at Camp Flog Gnaw Festival

Over the weekend, “Whip My Hair” singer Willow gave a powerful performance at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival held at Dodger Stadium, showcasing her latest single, “Alone” and other hits to the audience.

The weekend-long festival spanned November 11 and 12. Willow, dressed in an all-black ensemble, complete with a choker and tinted sunglasses, delivered her songs to the rapt festival audience.

Post-festival, Willow shared some moments from her life on , such as an image of her pet dog Korn catching a nap next to her guitar at their house.

Willow, now 23 years old, celebrated her 23rd birthday on the last day of October, and then promptly released a fresh single. She is currently dividing her attention between her and her family, especially her mother Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada, a celebrated actress, recently launched her , “Worthy”. This book uncovers some previously unknown facts about the Pinkett Smith family, including Jada's 2016 separation from Willow's father, Will Smith.

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Notwithstanding their split, both Will and Jada maintain a close . Will demonstrated his support by attending Jada's book signing events.

Jada stated that Willow strongly endorsed her memoir and was looking forward to wrapping up her reading of it.

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