Shocking: Adele Shakes Up the Beauty and Fashion Industries

It appears that globally renowned singer, Adele, is soon to expand her horizons beyond the music industry. By venturing into the beauty and spheres, she's poised to leave a mark with her upcoming brand.

Reports suggest that Adele has recently registered a trademark for a beauty brand. This move promises to dispense a plethora of products ranging from cosmetics to apparels.

Product Range

The promising product line is set to include eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip balms, as well as creams, lotions, and perfumes. In a unique twist, the brand is also planning to venture into the fashion industry with a range of jewelry, watches, and even underwear.

Fans’ Reaction

The announcement has been met with a positive response from the fans. Notably, they have dismissed the criticism that surrounds launching beauty brands. In their defense, fans have drawn attention to the superb quality of brands established by celebrities. Names such as Rare Beauty, Fenty, Haus Labs, Makeup by Mario, and Patrick Ta have been mentioned, these brands having set a precedent with their successful ventures.

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A Peek into Adele’s Personal Life

Simultaneously, the Grammy-winning artist is enjoying her , dating Rich Paul and raising her ten-year-old son, Angelo. Fanning the rumors, Adele has also hinted at the possibility of expanding her .

Adele’s Bond with Fans

Adele's connection with her fans is not just limited to her music. During a , she even assisted a fan in a unique predicament, helping the fan choose a name for her yet-to-be-born baby. Reflecting on her method of choosing names, Adele disclosed that she jots down names that she likes. Making a suggestion, she proposed the name ‘Ray' for the fan's upcoming bundle of joy.

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