Discover the sweet surprise that greeted Yeoh and Todt in 2024!

starts with a joyful event for Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt as they welcome a new family member. Their journey of grandparenthood begins, as revealed in Yeoh's recent posts.

In the early hours of 2024, the famous shared a photo of a 's foot on , accompanied by a sweet caption: “A little miracle on the first day of 2024”. This post left her fans guessing and speculating, with many initially thinking that Yeoh might have had a baby herself.

But that assumption was soon cleared up by Yeoh herself. In a follow-up post, she explained that the tiny foot belonged to Maxime, her stepson Nicolas' child. She expressed her gratitude to Nicolas and his partner, Darina, for giving her and Jean the beautiful gift of becoming grandparents: “Thank you Nicolas and Darina for making us the happiest and proudest grandparents”.

Baby Maxime's Grand Welcome

The family's happiness is evident in the several pictures shared by Yeoh. One of the photos shows a memorable moment in the hospital with the entire family – Yeoh, Todt, Nicolas, Darina, and the star of the day, baby Maxime. But the sharing did not stop there, as Yeoh also uploaded intimate snapshots of her and Jean spending one-on-one time with the adorable Maxime.

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Yeoh and Todt's journey as a couple has been filled with memorable milestones. They got hitched in July 2023, nearly two decades after Todt popped the question. Their recent transition into grandparenthood is yet another beautiful chapter in their life's storybook.

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