David Muir in a Festive Party: See Who Else Attended

Anchor and his 20/20 co-presenter Deborah Roberts joined other well-known faces from ABC and at a festive gathering.

News Anchors Unite for Holiday Celebration

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, both co-anchors, came together with Lara Spencer, a lead figure in pop culture reporting, for a merry get-together. Deborah Roberts shared images from the festive event on her Instagram, to the delight of her followers and friends.

Muir and Roberts’ Charitable Work

Aside from their on-screen roles, both Muir and Roberts participate actively in work. During the period, they spearheaded a team visit to Citymeals on Wheels to assist in meal packaging for New York residents in need.

Impressive Impact of Charity Efforts

The collective efforts of the team during their visit resulted in over 3000 meal packs for the food insecure, particularly the older population. The Citymeals on Wheels program, which benefits from Roberts' active participation as a board member, is a cause she fervently supports.

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Citymeals on Wheels: A Lifeline for the Elderly

This indispensable program, Citymeals on Wheels, is responsible for delivering two million meals each year to elderly New Yorkers unable to leave their homes. Remarkably, among the 22,000 NYC beneficiaries of the program, 400 have celebrated over a century of life.

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